Kunstmuseum Den Haag. march - december 2021

Anissa Foukalne looks back on the exhibition "Shine and splendor - Art from the World of Islam"

Calligrapher Qasim Arif gets inspired and works with ceramist Elanor van der Zwet on a bowl with a beautiful message. You can see the end result -and the way to get there in a film by Studio Roodenburch.




From the series: Royal Delfts blue marble  |  Atomic  |  Particles, 2020

Handmade ceramic tableware includes: bowls, cups and saucers.


Modular furniture

Re-Configurations - A sustainable modular furniture collection, 2003 -ongoing © 

The design has a timeless look and is made with a conscious mind.

Using pure natural materials and local craftsmanship. Enhancing tactility and warmth.

Within the collection are: Chairs, cushions, side tables and planters.

Ceramics & glassware


Fog collection - Glassware for The Vault design, Vulcan Lane, Auckland 1998 ©

Biscuit collection - Ceramic bowls and milk-jug, 2007 ©


Active matter

Active matter ©
Activity, collective motion, shape, behaviour, atmosphere, light + colour and furniture studies.

colour studie 4
colour studie 1
colour studie 2
colour studie 6
colour studie 3

Between the antipodes

Between the antipodes, 1999 © concepts for glass and ceramic vases.

lace on blue

Flora & fauna textiles 1997-2000 © Graphic textiles 



The bones of good design manifesto, 1998 ©

Te Kete Aronui 1999 - Maro - Native Maori clothing. Te Kete Aronui - Basket of knowledge, aroha, peace and the arts and crafts which benefit the Earth and all living things. (Maori weaving - anthropology paper I did at the University of Auckland, New Zealand).

© 2021 Studio Elanor van der Zwet