pacific blue


Re-Configurations, 1998-2008. Experiments with colour combinations, harmony, atmosphere, radiance, reflections, space, composition and patterns. The work mixes architectural, sculptural and painterly elements. Together the elements can be rearranged on a magnetic surface to arrive at a rhythmic contextual palette with differences in feeling, luminance, lustre, hue and value.

reconfiguration greys
reconfigurations dune


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Ceramic Totems

Ceramic Totems, 2020. 

From the series: Royal Delft blue marble |  Atomic  |  Particles

citroen hues
oranje hues
red hues&noise
hues blauwlila
mint hues


Fold, shape, line, light, shade and colour explorations.
Forming gritty, indistinct, jagged to smooth transitions.


Active matter

Active matter. Activity, atmosphere, gradients, light and colour projections combined with moiré patterns. A fabric multimedia installation for a live performance by Thomas Köner.